Thursday, March 3, 2011

I love Cheetah Girls...

Ok, so technically she's a leopard woman I think, but still. Seeing this picture, I've got a great idea for an African savanna style culture where the leopard people and hyena people (gnolls that is) are at constant war for domination.  I do love me some gnolls, too. Just sayin'.


  1. I briefly had a Gnoll PC in a short-lived Forgotten Realms campaign a friend ran. I loved the character, but the campaign didn't last too long, unfortunately.

    I think it is the only time I had ever played a "monster" character.

  2. I think gnolls have a huge amount of potential as the main race of baddies. Orcs and such are way overplayed. In Trevail, I see them as the key opponent. Orcs are more of a brutish devolved human sub-race, not organized enough to really be a threat. Gnolls, OTOH, are the beastmen raiding from the north, a fairly advanced society akin to the Skaven in Warhammer.