Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Bookshelf Lemming

So, James over at Grognardia does his thing, and we all follow along like good little lemmings.  That said, it's pretty cool to see everyone's RPG collections, so I'm game as well...

Top Shelf
Just a very small selection compared to many, it seems.  I have tons on PDF, but since it's mostly for reading or reference, not playing, there's no dead tree versions.

Here we have my digest-sized homemade booklets: OD&D and supplements, (including Jason Vey's Conan, Mars, etc.), S&W White Box booklets, digest sized versions of 'zines like ODDities and Footprints, Encounter Critical, Terminal Space and other assorted goodies.  My reference stack of Shadowrun/Cyberpunk books.  I still have delusions of making a B/X based version someday.  Also some binders full of printouts.  It's settings mostly: Greyhawk (folio & box), Forgotten Realms (original grey box), the old JG Wilderlands, and a few Mystara Gazetteers.

Bottom Shelf

My other shelf is mostly D&D stuff - some "real" books, others printed and bound.  We've got the AD&D 1E core books, my RC, and a pile of either TSR or OSR  classic D&D goodies. S&W Core and Complete, a bit of Savage Worlds stuff.  I want to run some zombie apocalypse using SW at some point.  And yes, even a set of 3.5 core rulebooks. Binders are printouts of modules and Mentzer BECMI.