Friday, September 17, 2010

Imagining D&D: A Response

This is simply a graphic response to the question posed >here<. I see 3 images in my head...

I started with Tom Moldvay's Basic set.  I love Erol Otus, but this Willingham pic is still my fave.

Then I moved on to AD&D.  Which means this:
Plus this:


  1. I like that top illo, too. I always wondered what the deal with that dwarf was. was he allies with the dragon?

  2. Thanks Christian! There is a lot of great old-school scattered through the early books, but the Willingham stuff has always been my favorite. You know, I guess I never thought about this particular image that way - that dwarf seemed to be warning away his party-mates to me. Willing to take on the beastie alone and take one for the team.