Sunday, September 11, 2011

A Style Preview

Below are some mock-up front and back covers for a supplement booklet compiling all my house rules and additions for S&W:WB that I use in my game.

Apologies to Mark Allan for ripping his artwork for the cover.  I do credit him inside. :-)  If I was to use this piece, I realize it could only be for my private use and if I shared this supplement on the blog here, it would need to be art free, or at least have artwork I have permission to use.

I've asked Matt Finch, the author and publisher of S&W about the legality of copying the "trade dress" i.e. cover design of his work and this post is primarily a way to show him what I would like to do.  That said, additional comments are always welcome!


  1. Looks nice, Reese!

    I think the whole "your own house rules" booklet is a great idea and BHP might even try to help folks do that (since we can do digest booklets with ease). But I cannot give you permission to use any of Mark's art from the BHP printings of WB. The logo is also Mark's work. Matt may have differnt agreements with his artists, but I commissioned and paid for all the art I used in WB and I know that most artists are not happy with others using their inspiration and work without asking.

    But we do have many great artists in the OSR and I think they would love to create some pieces for folks homebrew rule books - and at a great price too. :)

  2. Thank you for the feedback , John. I've elaborated more on my question in my post on the S&W forums.